About Us

Social Service Council

Social Service Council, IIT (BHU) Varanasi embraces all the clubs dedicated to bringing about positive changes in our society's social aspects.

We are committed to developing and disseminating professional knowledge, encompassing and identifying the community problems at micro levels, critical analysis and drafting innovative solutions, consequently contributing to overall responsive social welfare.

We believe that the inherent humane qualities and the

spirit of volunteerism already existent in every individual needs to be nurtured and further developed, thereby blooming out with the full potential to benefit the society as a whole.

The four clubs under SSC!

The Health & Hygiene club promotes and advocates a safe and healthy environment for the society. Our various initiatives involve organising blood donation camps, medicine collection drive and spreading awareness on sensitive issues such as menstruation, diseases, healthy habits, sustainability, etc.

Kashi Utkarsh, as the name suggests, is the development of Kashi. The development is a process that creates growth and positive change, and the volunteers of Kashi Utkarsh strive to get this change in bastis (slums). The prime motto of Kashi Utkarsh is to improve the quality of life of basti people by alleviating poverty through children's education.

Sahyog Club, with a mission of "improving quality education in government schools," collaborates with school teachers to improve the basic literacy and numeracy skills of children, leading to uplift their family conditions and background.

Social Projects' Club has taken the challenge of empowering society by employing simple and effective methods. We identify the public's problems and incorporate our technical skills with proper planning and strategy to come up with innovative solutions.